About Us

TEN TRIPLE ONE, born in Southern California, is a core lifestyle brand that is driven by passion. Our roots lie deep within Surf, Skate, Snow, Wake and Moto X. We strive to keep everyone stoked, not just through our clothing but also by being a part of the community as much as possible. We want to keep it core and keep each sport growing and thriving. We are big on supporting the grassroots making sure values and core beliefs are passed on to the next generation and not lost.

To us, CORE means authentic, to keep it real and be true to the roots.



From a spare bedroom in our house with a small budget, we started making T-Shirts for ourselves. We gained a lot of interest early on and this motivated us to produce T's for our friends and family. As interest grew we realized we were on to something. That’s when we decided to take the next step and we began to supply core retail stores. We haven't looked back since.   



Everyone at TEN TRIPLE ONE has deep roots in action sports and we are still very active in these sports and lifestyles. After all, this is our passion, its what we love doing and keeps us stoked, it’s our way of life. We understand that there is so much more to a sport than just the activity itself. The lifestyle that surrounds each sport is a unique culture in itself and we respect that, it’s what we love doing, it keeps us stoked.



Action sports breeds a way of life. It speaks to a certain kind of person. A determined, strong willed individual that is willing to put themselves at risk and outside of their comfort zone to achieve the high that you can only get from doing what you love. We represent and support that collective of boundary pushers, we are one.